Why Spa?

The gift of relaxation

Before there was spam, track suits, powdered wigs or burnt offerings, big meaty heroes and lithe goddesses were availing themselves of the pleasures of the spa. Any modern hedonist will tell you that the spa experience has been around for thousands of years and rightly so. Romans and Greeks indulged in these treatments and Eastern culture has used healing massage techniques for thousands of years. It is natural and healthy to apply massage and body treatments to increase circulation, improve skin tone and relax muscles.  

As beautiful and romantic as all of this sounds, it can be intimidating and stressful to choose the perfect spa gift, especially if it is your first time. Indulge us; allow us to provide you with how-to-spa knowledge and basic terminology that will make your virgin spa gift experience fun and enjoyable.

Just imagine the recipient of your affections donning a robe and sauntering to the herbal tea counter for a refreshing pick-me-up as she waits for her facial.

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