What Your Girl Really Really Wants - From a Spa

Girls just want to have fun — got it? No matter the girl, she has her version of fun and it will include spa treatments. Your task men, if you are up to it, is to match the girl with the "spa experience" that she will love, and love you for it.  You know you want that look from her, the look of undying affection and adoration. So take a look at our spa girl profiles below and find your one and only. Only then can you pick the right spa experience for her. Go boy, go.......


You are a very brave man to take her on but can you handle a princess?  Behind that pampered by mama and daddy façade lies a desire to have the best now — NOW! The princess is a woman who wants to keep up her appearance just for you! You know you love every inch of her stuck up, spoiled persona and you can keep her happy with a constant flow of spa treatments. Note: once exposed to a satisfying spa treatment, she will expect it regularly. A facial is a given, but mix it up with a massage or body treatment. This is it, be ready and willing to spa to her every need and indulge her just as she has known her whole life.


This is the self-actualized princess and you better know what you are doing with her when it comes to a spa. It takes an extraordinary man to "handle" this rare woman so be prepared. This divine being knows what she wants and she will get it with or without you. Come on Boy Scout, what's your motto? Be prepared! If you make her a spa happy diva you will earn your highest honor—you'll get the girl who rocks. Take her spa gift over the top because she knows she deserves every minute of her wonderful spa experience. You should be prepared to spa her head to toe including massage (Hot Stone or Swedish), herbal wrap, facial and pedicure/manicure. Remember, she could have any man, but she wants you so find courage in her presence and do it right.


Her smoldering biceps rival yours and her most prized memorabilia is the red card she received at last year's soccer tournament. You have an amazing partner on your hands, but even the strong and fearless need to be pampered once in a while. Find a spa that specializes in deep tissue massage and give her a spa gift certificate. This is a gift that will enhance her athletic performance and give her the opportunity to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a spa.

Momma Goddess

If her most frequent exclamation in between your children's cries is "G-d I'm tired!" your partner needs a break. You're thinking that man thing and you better just stop right now. No matter how tired you are, you are not as tired and wrung out as her. Here's a little secret that will change your tired world. If you take a moment to empathize with her, do something for her that will give her respite and peace, she will actually want to have sex with you. Not only that, by understanding and indulging her with a day of spa, your rumpled weekend clothes and lack of shave will actually be hot. Here is the spa recipe you need to follow: She wakes up at 6 a.m. to the pitter-patter of little feet running toward her down the hall and you swoop in and tell her to sleep. Two hours before her day of spa, you wake her with coffee and present her with her reward for being there for all of you. She will not believe it, and may even resist, but allow no excuses. Send her off for a spa day that includes a massage, facial and all the peace and tranquility she can stand. You will be rewarded by the look on her face as she walks through the door at the end of her spa day. You have chosen well, now shave!


Take a look at this poor woman and try to deny her a spa experience that includes a massage and body treatment. There is such beauty and pain in her physique. The sheer weight and burden of the majestic parasite that inhabits her body has taken its toll and she could topple at any moment. What hurts? Where to start-back, boobs, feet, legs and swelling fingers? This is truly a spa emergency and you, as her partner, have the opportunity to give her what she needs most, a spa gift certificate. 

Euphoric Love Connection

She's hot, unlike anyone you have ever met and she is perfect for you in every way — on paper. You want to make her happy because she makes you so darned happy? Please, provide us all with relief and give the girl a spa gift certificate. This is a prized relationship phase and should be exalted and enjoyed. She will love the massage or facial you give her. She will think of nothing but you as she has her spa experience and she will want you when it is finished. Let your imagination soar along with this weird phase your friends say you are going through and enjoy the moment. She will love you for it! Oops, the L-word.

End of a Love Connection

She was perfect-beautiful, talented, smart, funny and a right match — on paper. Now you know it needs to end. End it now with a spa gift certificate and let her know you CARE. Send her off for a day at the spa and let her know that this is over. It won't be easy anyway, so why not let her down easy with a day at the spa. She can gush to her massage therapist and find relief in her beautiful feet after a pedicure. She does have the most beautiful feet and she will find inexplicable solace in the knowledge that you will never find such stunning feet in a partner again.


STRESS caused by mother-in-law to be, family squabbles and hopelessly incompetent individuals who impact your bride's special day. Get them all back by giving your beloved a day to spa and relax. She deserves it and needs to have a massage to prepare for the back breaking work she will experience when she finds out the caterer forgot a dolly and can't possibly haul everything to the reception tent across the park. It is in these moments, as you see the glint of determination in her steely eyes and watch as she single handedly balances five trays, moving gracefully in 5" heels toward the reception tent-that you know that she will not be denied and still looks hot.

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