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700 Spas Sold Record $2M of Instant Gift Certificates for the Holidays on Spa Emergency and Directly from Their Own Web Sites 

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Albuquerque, New Mexico – December 27, 2006 – Online gift giving expanded this holiday season to include luxury services — specifically spa services including massages, manicures, pedicures, facials and a myriad of body treatments.  Spa settings vary as widely as the vision of their founders, but regardless of theme or motif, more spas are offering ways to purchase their services online. supplies the nation with luxurious spa services via Instant Online Gift Certificates, the beautiful, personalized spa gift certificates that can either be emailed to the lucky recipient or printed and placed in a beautiful card, right at time of purchase. A record $2M in Instant Online Gift Certificates flowed from spas across the nation to gift recipients this holiday season alone.  

The recent holiday sales results support what experts had predicted going into the single largest sales opportunity of the year — consumers are increasingly seeking online gifts in lieu of fighting the crowds or enduring long post office lines during the gift purchase process. And what people are buying now is no longer limited to the famous book and music selections of the past.  

“The American consumer has become much more sophisticated in terms of buying preferences and methods,” said Bill Bice, founder, Spa Emergency. “The Internet has added to their palette of options, and now most people shop online before they even think of hitting the pavement — particularly if their intended recipient lives far away. Spa Emergency makes it possible to buy a very cool, very beautiful gift to a spa near the recipient. In fact, the whole process is about 'special', from choosing just the right spa and services, to choosing the perfect gift certificate to personalizing that gift then sending it. We removed the anonymity and impersonal feel of the typical online gift purchase.”

“Many shoppers are choosing the Information Highway over crowded malls, congested parking lots and interminable lines as we make our gift choices. And whether we're satisfying holiday needs or more personal gift occasions, options like that represented by Spa Emergency and its 700+ spas across the country make more and more sense”, Bice said.

About Spa Emergency

Spa Emergency offers spa gift certificates — online, with a choice of designs and space for a personal message, 24 hours a day.  While it is possible to purchase Spa Emergency gift certificates well in advance of the occasion, Spa Emergency’s target audience is the vast number of web savvy men throughout the US who tend to wait until the last moment to buy gifts.  
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