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Bill Bice, President and CEO

Bill Bice began his computer programming career at the age of 16, when he worked as a consultant in Albuquerque. Over time he expanded his scope and eventually he focused upon the development of ProLaw, a premier law office management software package.

Over a decade he built ProLaw, adding features to the software until he’d created a law office management tool that offered a complete practice management solution for law firms. Bill’s success with ProLaw culminated in the sale of the company to Thomson West in 2001. He remained President of ProLaw until 2004, when he succumbed to the creation urge once more and became Special Limited Partner in the Verge Fund, a venture capital fund providing seed capital for high-tech ventures in New Mexico.


Benjamin Morin, VP and CTO

When Ben was 10, he got a TRS-80 Color Computer 2 for Christmas; he wanted an Atari 2600. That short-lived disappointment, and his parents' foresight, began his love and obsession with computers and making them do things. Professionally, Ben has excelled in roles incorporating programming, software development and technology management. Ben was formerly the Director of Software Development and Senior Software Architect at ProLaw Software, a legal practice management provider. In 2001, ProLaw was acquired by West Group and later merged with Elite Information Systems to create the Thomson Elite business unit of what is now Thomson Reuters.

Currently, as co-founder and CTO of SpaBoom, Ben leverages nearly two decades of experience and the latest technologies, designing and developing solutions that are functional, secure, and efficient. He is responsible for aligning and implementing SpaBoom’s technology vision with its overall business strategy.

A Southwest native, Ben studied Computer Science and Accounting at the University of New Mexico. He makes his home in Edgewood, New Mexico with his lovely wife and two sons. He enjoys racquetball, blackjack, reading, bluegrass and TiVo; his favorite number is 0b0111.



Dena Fuentes, Vice President of Operations

Dena began her career in software support and training soon after graduating high school while working for a local Albuquerque business.  Hands-on learning developed her problem-solving skills, while her passion for success allowed her to master a variety of skills that are applicable to both her professional and personal life.  As a former manager of Customer Support, Implementation and Technical teams at Thomson Reuters (formerly ProLaw and Thomson Elite), Dena embraced a management style that supported both her employees and the company’s goals.  As VP of Operations, Dena is responsible for the Customer Service team, performs HR and hiring functions, manages all finance activities, and tries to ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly.  

Dena resides in Albuquerque with her husband and their pets.  In her free time, she teaches group exercise classes, plans parties and loves to cook.



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