Spa Gift Certificates for a Woman

Do you have that sinking feeling you have forgotten something important? Is it her birthday, or worse yet, your anniversary? Don’t sweat it! An instant, online, spa gift certificate will make you look like a hero and her feel special. You hesitate because you worry that it will be difficult and complex. Relax, follow these simple rules to choose a spectacular spa gift.

  • Know who the gift certificate is for and make sure it matches the occasion. Do you have a new girlfriend and want to give her a relaxing spa gift certificate? A couple’s massage gift may not be the best choice no matter how much you think she will like it. A gift massage or facial would be appropriate and relaxing for that new special someone. It also follows that you may want something a little more intimate than a pedicure for your 10th wedding anniversary gift. Instead, splurge on a day of pampering and know that your partner will be happy they married you.  Pregnant women have special needs when it comes to a massage and knowing whether a spa can accommodate them is important to determine before you purchase the online gift.  Men, please keep in mind that hair removal is never an appropriate spa gift. Instead consider Spa Emergency’s suggested spa gifts for great spa treatment options organized by occasion.
  • Location, Location, Location. Be sure to choose a spa close to your intended gift recipient's home. After a half day of spa treatments, you will want your recipient to get home in a reasonable amount of time so they can ooze into a lounge chair and live out the rest of the day in a state of bliss.
  • Make it easy, make it meaningful, make it now. Instant gratification is the mode of the day and the beauty of online spa gift certificates is that they are instantaneous. It’s your anniversary, you have no gift, it's lunchtime—Spa Emergency will make you look like a thoughtful, sensitive giver. It’s a perfect solution for those running the risk of forgetting something important. 
  • Know your spa speak. There are a bewildering array of spa treatments available at spas today. A spa gift recipient can be massaged, rolled, sugared, waxed, peeled, salted, rubbed scraped, exfoliated, smoothed, depilitated, sprinkled, splattered and submerged in a tub of mud. This is more than a shake-and-bake experience, as these treatments are designed to massage tight muscles, rejuvenate and smooth tired skin, hydrate and bring forth a heightened state of being. To truly understand the Zen of Spa, review Spa Emergency’s list of spa terms and treatments
  • Go to our spa directory to find a spa and choose your treatment(s). Press print and a copy of your gift certificate prints directly to your printer and you receive an e-mail confirmation as well.
What kind of spa girl is she?

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