Spa Gift Certificates for a Man

How to buy a spa gift for a man

You know the value of a good spa treatment, and you have a man in your life that both deserves and could benefit from a spa gift. The question is how to make him appreciate your gesture. The answer depends on what kind of man you are sending to the spa.

Think about it. What does he like about you?

He’s with you for a reason and the spa gift you choose should reflect this taste and attraction. Is it your beauty, knack for organizing the pantry, hair care products in the shower or your willingness to cut off all your hair and take a carry-on bag to the ends of the earth with him at a moment's notice? Tailoring a spa experience for your man is truly indulging in a narcissistic expression of your most appealing attributes. He won’t have a clue that it is all about you.

The Hedonist — if it feels good we should do it, together

Does he just love that you are willing to indulge his every need? Does he look for fun and delight in every experience and avoid pain at all costs? If so, I suspect you have a hedonist on your hands and a spa gift certificate is an opportunity to give him what he loves — pleasure. This man will love an indulging spa gift to reinforce his philosophy that only those experiences that are pleasant or end in a pleasurable way are good and right.  Design a spa experience that incorporates all his senses with an aromatherapy massage and herbal facial. This man could schedule a simple massage and manage to prolong the experience for the entire day. Just make sure you pin a note to his robe so they know where to send him home.

“It’s not just a game” — green faced man with strong desire to watch football on large television screens

Are your fall weekends filled with testosterone hail-Marys and high-fives in the space that was once a family room? The beauty here is that he does not want to think. He will let you make all the decisions as long as you don’t get in front of the TV screen. Just to get some relief from the constant roar of the TV try the “speed option play. It involves a drive right to the spa door, guard against any retreat, and then block out the rest of the afternoon for you. Stay alert, all of his valuables should be bagged before you "top keep pass play" him to spa officials. Once they get him in a robe and on the massage table the game will be over. Score!

Metro sexual — the man who has more clothes in the closet than you

These are the pioneers in the area of spa experiences for men. They are not new to the spa. They make up over a third of all spa goers, and are willing to spend time and money on their appearance. For this man you need to stay out of his way and buy him a gift certificate that he can use to fit his immediate needs. The gift certificate will go to good use at a full-service spa that provides massage, facials and body work. He will feel closer to you, just as you did toward him when he happily agreed to watch Bravo with you. You understand him. It could bring the relationship to a whole new level — he will make room for your loofah in the shower.

Outdoor guy — he never leaves the shower to pee

He still proudly boasts of your willingness to go four days without a shower on a backpacking trip that occurred five years ago. He celebrates your natural beauty and practical nature. This man will appreciate any spa treatment that involves value as in “my feet are cracking and I could use a pedicure so my heels do not stick to the carpeting.” These men are also passionate about the technical aspects of any experience whether it is rock climbing or a shiatsu massage, so do a little research and make sure he can get into the experience.

Anti-aging Man — turned 40 and won’t stop talking about it

Do you feel as though you suddenly have a relationship with Woody Allen? Do most conversations begin with a kvetch (whine) about the failings of a particular body part? For some men, there is something about turning 40 that sends them over the edge. The focus on aging can be normal but when it becomes obsessive and extreme, it needs to be addressed carefully. If a natural approach to aging can be encouraged early it can reduce their irritating focus and the actual pain they may make you feel. A spa experience that concentrates on massage to reduce his anxiety and encourage circulation will relieve his aching mind and body. Enough already. Send him to the spa!

Control Man — and we don’t mean the remote

This man needs to relax with a spa experience. Just think of the effort exerted as he attempts to carry the world on his shoulders. Even superheroes need a break. By giving him the opportunity to relax you give him the rest that he needs to get things done — right. While he needs a spa experience, he will be a stranger in a strange land. But his respect for you will go a long way in convincing him to go to the spa so choose carefully. Start with a spa that specifically caters to men; he can get a premium shave and you can add a facial on the sly. If he needs to control the experience, give him full reign to design his own spa experience with a gift certificate. Once you get him over the hill, he will be scheduling his massages along with his dry cleaning and he will know he has you to thank for it.

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