Body Wrap Spa Treatments

Basic Body Wrap: The body is covered in moisturizing oils or detoxifying herbs and then wrapped up and left for a period of time. Don't worry, they do come back to take you out. Once you are unwrapped, the body covering is removed via Vichy shower or they will keep you on the table and just wash it off. This is an amazing treatment, but it is not a massage. The spa treatment usually ends with moisturizing lotions or oil being applied to the skin.

Herbal Wrap: For this treatment, the body is wrapped in warm linens that have been soaked in a special mixture of herbs.  Heat is incorporated to stimulate detoxification of the body and to encourage deep relaxation.  The herbal wrap results in smooth and softened skin and a relaxed and more tranquil mind.  Remember this treatment does use heat and is not recommended for those who are pregnant, hypertensive, or have a specific health condition.  Consult the spa about any issues before they begin the treatment. 

Mud Body Wrap: A special mix of mud is brushed evenly onto the body.  The body is usually wrapped in plastic with warm linens over it.  The client rests for a period of time and then the mud is removed.   The treatment hydrates and tones the skin along with its detoxifying affects.   This treatment is often chosen in combination with a massage or other body treatment. 

Native American Turquoise Wrap: Exfoliation treatment that uses Hopi Blue Cornmeal and an ionized turquoise clay wrap.  The treatment also includes a ritual to help cleanse the spirit.

Parafango Wrap: Similar to a paraffin body wrap except for the addition of "fango" a special mud that is incorporated along with the paraffin to increase detoxifying affects and relieve muscle soreness.  The body is kept warm for a period of time and then the parafango mixture is removed from the body.  This is the paraffin body treatment on steroids and said to leave skin extra smooth and the body relaxed.

Paraffin Body Wrap Treatment: Warm, oil enriched paraffin is brushed on the body in gentle strokes.  The oils soak into the body as the client relaxes wrapped in warm towels.  This treatment rejuvenates skin, leaving it soft and hydrated and relaxes the body by soothing tired muscles.

Sea Clay Body Wrap: Sea clay is applied to the body and then the client is wrapped in warm linens to open up pores and release toxins.  The clay absorbs the toxins leaving the skin contoured and rejuvenated. 

Seaweed Body Wrap: A special seaweed fluid is applied to skin and then the body is wrapped in warm linens.  This treatment encourages body tone and detoxification.

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