Body Treatments 

Acid Mantle: This is the oily film that covers the outer layer of the skin.  The acidic nature of our skin is a defense mechanism to fight the bacteria in the environment.  The acid mantle is integral to beauty and healthy skin.

Algotherapy: Algotherapy would include any body treatment that incorporates seaweed to detoxify and cleanse the body.

Body Brushing: This treatment is designed to stimulate blood flow and circulation and also aids in lymphatic drainage.  It is an excellent way to exfoliate the skin to allow for new skin cell growth.

Body Polish: A body polish is very similar to a salt scrub except that salt is not always used to exfoliate the skin. This treatment is designed to exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate the skin. The result is skin that seems to glow from the increased circulation and moisture.

Breema: Originating in Kurdistan, this bodywork incorporates the body's dynamic energy and the philosophy of the body as a self-healing organism. The goal of Breema bodywork is to create or reestablish our natural balance and harmony. This treatment is conducted on the floor with the client clothed.

Hammam: Turkish bath is an ancient therapeutic, social and esthetic ritual that is still popular in Europe.  Men and women can participate separately in this ancient Middle Eastern ritual that became popular in ancient byzantine and roman world.

The ritual starts in a warm room that allows the body to perspire and begin to remove toxins from the body.  Visitors are then scrubbed, cleaned and massaged on a platform called a goebekus.  Once the massage is complete the patients retire to a cooling room for tea and more relaxation.

Many 5 star hotels in Europe and Turkey have their own Hammams and have incorporated skin treatments, aromatherapy and massage into their Hammam offerings.

Peat therapy: Peat is a carbon rich substance that is created when plant material decomposes.  This rich material contains minerals, enzymes and other beneficial materials.  Peat has been used in therapeutic bathing, called balneotherapy, for hundreds of years.  During a therapeutic bath a client sits in a tub of hot water infused with peat.  The heat of the water and the peat stimulates healing.

This therapy is used to enhance the immune system, improve circulation and the body’s metabolic activity.  The peat can also be applied directly to the body to heal a number of physical ailments.

Thalassotherapy: Is a Greek word meaning sea water cure.  It is a therapeutic treatment that incorporates fresh heated seawater, usually in a hot tub, or nutrient rich marine products like seaweed to promote health and beauty.  Believed to have curative and restorative properties when applied.  The therapy removes toxins from the body and hydrates the skin.

Vinotherapy: Spa treatments that use wine-based products to make clients look younger and feel better.  Described as the “secret to staying young” the vito-chemicals in grape seeds combined with massage or other body treatments are designed to exfoliate, detoxify and increase body circulation. 

Vichy Shower: It is a shower!  This is a treatment that is usually part of other spa treatments and involves having the client lie down on a massage table(specifically designed for wet treatments) while warm water showers down from 5-7 shower heads above the table.  This is an invigorating and rejuvenating part of a spa experience.

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