Maternity massage (pregnancy massage)

This may be the only rest you'll experience until the baby is born so schedule them often and don't feel guilty-there will be plenty of time for guilt when you are actually a parent. The amazing pregnancy massage table allows for a pregnant woman's expanding belly and it feels wonderful from the moment your on the table. All inhibitions will evaporate. Remember, you've been poked, prodded and tested so who really cares if you slip naked under the sheet on the massage table. Just get under the cover and warn the therapist that you might drool while you are asleep. You'll wake up to a gentle prodding and it won't be the treasure in your belly laying into your ribs, it will be to wake you up so you can go home. If you have any particular ailments, sciatica for instance, make sure you let your technician know so they can focus on that particular area.

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