Non-Medical Facial Treatments

Facial: This treatment usually begins with a consultation to determine your skin type.  The face is then cleaned, exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and then hydrated with appropriate skin care products.  This is a very relaxing experience to rejuvenate the skin and give the face a glowing appearance.

Japanese Facial: This is an ancient treatment that is designed to restore vitality to the face.  There are very specific movements in a Japanese Massage to clean deeply and encourage lymph drainage and rejuvenation.

Oxygen Facial: Uses oxygen to spray moisturizers and vitamins onto the skin.  It hydrates the skin and leaves it smooth and plump.  The procedure uses high-pressure oxygen to apply the moisturizers which theoretically allow the skin to absorb the nutrients quickly for instant results.  Patients can look better with fewer small lines for a few days after the procedure. 

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