Medical Spa Treatments

Chemical Peel: This procedure removes damaged outer layer of the skin with the use of chemicals.  This will give the skin a more even look and reduce the appearance of fine lines and blemishes.  This procedure should only be preformed under the care of a physician specializing in this type of treatment.

Collagen Injection: Collagen is supportive tissue that exists naturally in the body.  Many dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons offer collagen injections to treat smile and frown lines.  Collagen that is injected into wrinkles will fill lines and improve the appearance of the face with very little down time for the patient.

Dermabrasion: This is a facial resurfacing treatment that involves the controlled surgical scraping of the skin's outer layers.  This treatment can help patients who are scarred from acne or chicken pox.  The result is facial skin that is smoother and rejuvenated. Dermabrasion should be performed under the supervision of a physician who specializes in these treatments.

Mircroderm Abrasion: This is a non-invasive medical procedure designed to rejuvenate and repair facial skin.  A specialized tool, equipped with a "sandblast", gently removes and suctions up dead skin cells from the top layers of the skin.  The procedure exfoliates the skin to allow for rejuvenation of the skin layers.  Utilizing this treatment consistently over time can reduce fine lines and uneven pigmentation.  This procedure is preformed at a medical spa under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon.  It is recommended that clients who have this procedure are careful to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen for a few days after they have mircroderm abrasion. 

Laser Hair removal: Laser Hair removal involves taking off unwanted hair with a specifically designed laser.  Proper use of the laser and this treatment require a qualified technician with adequate training.

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