Massage Treatments

Massage is an ancient healing technique designed to relieve the body of physical and mental stress. It involves the manipulation of body muscles and soft tissue to improve circulation, tissue function and to relax the body both mentally and physically. 

Swedish Massage: Swedish or therapeutic massage uses hands to manipulate and relax muscles by applying pressure and rubbing in the direction of the heart. Oil is used to make the five types of strokes (gliding, kneading, rubbing, shaking and pounding) smoother. It can alleviate mental and physical stress that the body is feeling. This is the most common type of massage and it feels great. If it is your first time having this massage you will feel great during the massage but be prepared for the possibility that you may be sore for a day or two afterward.

Deep Tissue massage or Sports Massage: Deep tissue massage is the Swedish massage on steroids, meaning slower strokes and more pressure. It feels really good but you may get that "I want to laugh and cry at the same time" feeling during the experience. This is not for a first time massage customer unless your goal is to limp from the spa at the end of the day. Once you are comfortable with a Swedish spa massage and want to get a little crazy, try this out. Many athletes use sports massage in their fitness routines. It can be a valuable day-off ritual and provide real heath benefits including; reducing muscle soreness by flushing out lactic acid, reducing muscle tension and inflammation, injury rehabilitation and breaking the cycle of stress and tension that is such a large factor in common aches and pains.If you need a gift for a current or aspiring athlete you can't beat a sports massage for physical and mental benefit! 

Couples Massage and Spa Treatments: A couples massage/spa treatments are an escape for you and your partner to share a special experience together in the same room. Each person has their own massage therapist and will received individualized treatment but within the comfort of the same room. The amenities for couples spa treatments range from a large room big enough for two tables to a couples day suite that is designed for seclusion and privacy and can be rented by the day or sometimes half day.

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage: An ancient body massage that uses long, unbroken and flowing strokes to soothe muscles and restore the bodyís energy.  Many spas incorporate local plants into this massage technique. Some of the more common plants that are used are Meli (honey) in niu (coconut) and Kukui (candlenut). 

Hot Stone Massage: Warm, oily stones are placed on the back and then are used over the entire body for an incredible massage. The warmth of the treatment, combined with the hand strokes relieves pressure and tension and IT ROCKS! This is an amazing massage option whether you are a spa virgin or a spa addict. "Hot Rocks" is also a classic album, but that is a whole other subject.

Lymphatic Massage (Lymphatic Drainage Massage): The lymphatic system is the body's drainage system that rids itself of toxins that build up over time. Yuck! Lymph pathways that are clogged can cause aches, pains and even flu like symptoms. Lymphatic Massage stimulates lymph flow and helps the body heal itself. Using this delicate form of massage that applies light hand pressure and pumping movements toward lymph nodes it encourages the body to filter out toxins in the body. As an added bonus it also enhances skin tone and stimulates the immune system.his specialized massage technique stimulates lymphatic drainage and increases lymph flow throughout the body. This treatment can have a powerful affect by improving the body's immune function, combating edema, and regenerating tissue for those with chronic injury. This massage will also give the skin vibrancy and relieve pain.

Maternity Massage (Pregnancy Massage): This may be the only rest you'll experience until the baby is born so schedule them often and don't feel guilty-there will be plenty of time for guilt when you are actually a parent. The amazing pregnancy massage table allows for a pregnant woman's expanding belly and it feels wonderful from the moment your on the table. All inhibitions will evaporate. Remember, you've been poked, prodded and tested so who really cares if you slip naked under the sheet on the massage table. Just get under the cover and warn the therapist that you might drool while you are asleep. You'll wake up to a gentle prodding and it won't be the treasure in your belly laying into your ribs, it will be to wake you up so you can go home. If you have any particular ailments, sciatica for instance, make sure you let your technician know so they can focus on that particular area.

Reflexology: A reflexology practitioner uses their hands to stimulate points of a client's hands and feet to stimulate a corresponding body part or function. The goal of this treatment is to realign the body back into balance.

Reiki: Japanese massage technique that allows for energy to flow through the body to restore balance and encourage wellness. 

Shiatsu: Sometimes referred to as "acupuncture without needles," shiatsu literally translates as "finger pressure." A form of Japanese therapeutic bodywork, Shiatsu is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During a session, a combination of pressure, kneading and stretching is applied along specific points and energetic channels in the body known as meridians. Fatigue, pain or illness can result when these energetic channels become blocked or uneven. Shiatsu helps the body to return to a state of health and balance by restoring and harmonizing its natural energy. Shiatsu is given on a mat on the floor or a table set low to the ground. Loose fitting, comfortable pants and a t-shirt are recommended for the client as shiatsu is a clothed treatment.

Thai Massage:  is one component of Thai medicine that uses muscle compression, joint manipulation and acupressure to heal the body.  This ancient medicine technique emphasizes the process of natural healing of the body that was developed in Siam 2500 years ago.  Thai Massage, or nuad boíram, incorporates the theory that touch can enhance the bodyís healing process.  It is a sacred internal and external massage that incorporates acupressure, stretching and balance.

Clients lay on a mat on the floor fully clothed and the technician slowly stretches the clientís muscles using pressure from the technicianís palms, feet and thumbs.  It is sometimes termed 'assisted massage' because the session may look like yoga moves.  Thai massage is energizing and rejuvenating for the body.

Tui Na
: This is a Chinese massage therapy that attempts to create a balance flow of Qi through the body. This massage technique allows for natural healing of the body. Clients are clothed and lying on the floor or a table while the technician utilizes massage and acupressure on specific problem areas.

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