Spa Emergency Comes To the Rescue with Last Minute Gift Guide and Instant Online Gift Certificates

ďDonít panicĒ may be good advice if you are hitchhiking through the galaxy. But, if you find that you have yet to cross off those important names on your holiday gift list a sense of panic is hard to avoid. But, there is hope. Spa Emergency comes to your aid by providing instantaneous online gift certificates that can be immediately emailed or printed. There's no waiting for the 'real' certificate to hopefully show up in the mail days later, and no shipping charges or hidden fees to worry about.

And because surprises are so overrated (why do you think returns are so common in January?), Spa Emergency provides a Wish List for your partner, friends, and family to tell you exactly what they want. If the chance to win $500 in spa gift certificates doesnít entice them, Spa Emergency offers this guide to giving the ultimate gift of relaxation:

  • Massages come in all shapes and sizes. You canít go wrong with a gift certificate for the definitive gift of relaxation that also aids the body in letting go of all those toxins that built up during the holidays. Want to really impress your honey? Give the gift that gives you something in return: a gift certificate for a coupleís massage. Include an aromatherapy treatment with the massage, and you will come out smelling like roses.
  • Help your loved one always look polished with a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. Not only will they look their best, itís a great way to increase circulation and develop healthy nails.
  • Or, help them put on a happy face with a gift certificate for a facial. All those smile lines that formed when they saw the gift certificate will be smoothed and diminished.
  • You can also embrace them with a gift certificate for a body wrap that helps detoxify their system and exfoliate their skin, leaving them all cuddly smooth. Body wraps also warm the muscles in preparation for a wonderful massage.
  • And, for those hairy situations, a gift certificate for waxing helps pull it all together. It leaves the skin smooth longer than shaving, and in spite of what youíve heard, is not that painful. Kiss those razors goodbye forever.
  • For those special people that have been extra good all year, why not treat them to a luxurious spa package that includes multiple services. After all Santa checked his list twice!

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