How to spa


If there is one word to remember in a spa it's relax. You are paying for this time and you deserve to be pampered and treated from head to toe. Give yourself permission to have your time and do not be intimidated by the place or the people, they are there for you. Liberate your mind and body of worries, discomfort and fear of awkward moments and open yourself to the enjoyment of the spa experience.

Check in

This can be overwhelming, especially the first time so make sure you arrive early for your treatments.

  • You will usually be given a schedule of your treatments and a locker to stash all your belongings.
  • You will receive your robe/sandals and you should be directed to your locker so you can take your clothes off and put your robe on.
Suddenly, like entering a monastery, the quiet and relaxation of the environment will envelope you and all the other robed spa goers.

Should I be naked?

Absolutely, but wear your robe while you are not on the massage table, please. Wearing underwear for a massage undermines the spirit of the day and brings to mind those painfully awkward adolescent annual physical exams that were required before school started.

It is ok to wear a bathing suit in the Jacuzzi between treatments. There will be some people who choose to be naked in the Jacuzzi and those that prefer a suit. Either way you will be fine.

Massage Time

You will be called for your massage and a lovely person will walk you down to a private massage room. They will show you the massage table, the sheet you are to climb under and the hook for the robe. They will give you a few minutes of privay to disrobe and fling yourself onto the massage table and under the fresh sheets. After approximately 5 minutes the massage therapist will come back in the room.

Now you know what to expect. 

Other fun things to do between treatments

A spa day is a worthwhile investment and many spas create packages to pamper your body for the entire day. Make sure you are aware of all of the amenities at the spa like a pool, hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas. You may want to use these services between your spa appointments and they are almost always free.


It is always appropriate to tip for the spa treatments you receive. Some spas provide clients with envelopes for each treatment. You can tip each technician 15-20% of the total cost of a particular treatment at the end of the day as you are leaving. You just drop the envelopes off at the same place you checked in earlier that day. You might want to call the spa beforehand to understand their policy so you do not feel awkward and wonder if you are tipping correctly. Remember, the spa wants you to be comfortable and they know you won't be carrying cash around in your robe all day. Bring some extra cash so you have it on hand for the tip.

Speak up if..

  • You want a male or female massage therapist
  • You're pregnant
  • You take prescription medicine regularly
  • Feel pain in a particular area before the treatments
  • You are under a physicians care for a specific condition
  • If you are not happy.....about a treatment or the spa experience

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