Day Spa

Imagine being plucked from the normal, hum drum cycle of ordinary life and slipped into a warm cozy robe in a beautiful, usually picturesque setting for a day of self indulgence and pampering - welcome to a spa day.

Once you check in for your spa day you begin an experience that transcends normal to become special and memorable. Humans need this break to heal, indulge and care for their bodies and mind.  

A day spa will usually offer a full array of massage and body treatments and may also have a salon that offers hair treatments and manicure/pedicures for their clients. Many day spas also offer half and full day packages, designed to give you an extended experience for the body and spirit. Many spas also offer face and body products that are sold exclusively at the spa and canít be found on a store shelf. So if you like a particular product, donít be shy about asking whether you can purchase it at the spa.