Independent massage therapists

Massage Therapist is the term used for an individual practitioner of massage therapy. They generally are graduates of an accredited massage school and, depending on the state, may hold a license. The reason we list Massage Therapist as a spa type is that many such practitioners work "solo." A massage therapist may have their own office or may be associated with a gym, salon or medical spa. Many massage therapist will come straight to you and set up the massage table in your home This tends to be a great option for those who want a quiet and more intimate massage experience than a traditional spa.  

It is always a great idea to find out where the massage therapist went to massage therapy school and confirm that they are licensed to practice in your state. In addition, know whether they are associated with a national professional organization like the American Massage Therapy Association or a state run organization. Also, understanding the massage therapists overall philosophy relating to health and wellness will go a long way in knowing whether your goals will mesh.

The massage therapist will tailor your treatment to your needs so let them know if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your body or mind. Once you have the massage your body and mind will tell you if the experience was right for you. Does your body feel tranquil? Are you feeling the benefits of massage like pain relief, alleviating soreness or body stiffness? The results are your greatest barometer of the success of the treatment.

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